Friday, January 23, 2015

Painting With A Twist

Last night I got to try something new and let me tell you, I had a blast!  My friend Heather was going to a Painting With A Twist class and her group had an open spot, so she asked me to join her.  I may call myself many things, but an artist is not one of them-I can barely draw stick figures.  To say I was nervous about the class would be a huge understatement! 

After we were seated at our table, we looked up and breathed a sigh of relief...they had drawn the hard stuff for us!  There was no need for me to freak out about writing big block letters and having them look the same size or even recognizable, I would just have to paint inside the lines!  Painting With A Twist encourages you to bring snacks and drinks of your choice for the class, so before the class started we snacked on fruit and cookie dough dip, and drank our sparkling cider. 

Once class started, I got a little nervous again.  The example had these really cool colors and the paints on my plate did not look the same.  That meant I would have to learn how to blend them and create different effects!  Turns out, the artist instructors are AMAZING and made the whole process way easier than I had worried about.  The class was very laid back and we all had some good laughs as we worked step by step as a group. 


It was really fun to see how we were all given the same colors and instructions, but put our own twist on our artwork. 

I am really pleased with how my painting turned out and can't wait to get a frame for it and hang it somewhere in the house!  Painting With A Twist offers tons of open classes, private parties, and even had a monthly charity event.  It's a great Girl's Night Out event and I think I may go back with some friends for my birthday later this year.  Has anyone else done one of these painting classes? 

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